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    Ved Prakash

    I bought the milagrow tabtop last night in Delhi. Though its a new brand in the market it seems that they have done a thorough research and then come into the market. They have given most of the things which an Apple Ipad, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry Playbook, Motorola Xoom, HTC don't offer and of course included almost everything which they do. The killer utility feature is of course the ports on the device. It has full USB for plug and play, USB host for two way communication with all digital devices and charging them, as well as HDMI out, SD Card. It also has LAN connectivity which I checked. No other device has all of the above ports …leave alone Ipad.
    It also has ready to use 50+ pre-installed applications neatly grouped in Productivity Tab, Utility Tab, Educational Tab, Finance Tab, Women Tab, Medical Tab, Gaming Tab, Lifestyle Tab, Media Tab. My brother has an IPad 2 and it took him almost two weeks to get the product ready for use. Milagrow Tab Top gave me 'ready to eat' kind of convenience. With the quad band 3G and super fast 1.2Ghz processor with 512MB DDR3 RAM. Since the morning today…I haven't charged it once and I am writing this comment happily from my tabtop.
    All the above are reasons enough for me to prefer a tabtop over an ipad.

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    Ved Prakash

    I checked just now…my ipad can't charge my milagrow tabtop but my milagrow tabtop can charge an ipad through its usb host

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    Ved Prakash

    Why are my previous comments not appearing please?

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    milagrow has the LAN connectivity. None of the Tabs have it.
    So you are not forced to have a 3G connection to access internet.
    And thus its a perfect replacement for Laptop/Tab/PC.
    But the price should have been below 20K. 🙁
    what say?

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    Stupid post – get real sri; a person like me looking to buy a tablet doesn't want to waste time reading why the name isn't cool enough. read this for a really helpful tech review: http://androidadvices.com/milagrow-tabtop-tablet-


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