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    harchintan singh

    hi ,i am currently using this tablet to write this reviewm well looking wt the price i paid Rs. 12500/- it is a good value.

    1. 1.1


      hahahahahahahaha………yeah who could have "thunk" so…lolz

  2. 2

    Achal Maloo

    Unbelievable Pathetic.
    First they supply you a faulty product. Then you call their customer care 100s of times and never to be heard.
    Then they finally agree to replace the product. and that too they will pick up the product and then dispatch another one to take another 3-4 days of delivery time.
    No one listens on customer care or after sales. no one responds to email on time.
    When you call them they will say we'll call you back after some time and then throughout the day no calls from them.

    Amazingly bad experience. Surprising how can someone be sooooo pooor in after sales or customer care

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    i agree with achal maloo . Customer care never respond . i purchased Zing tablet pc z990 last month and imagine with in one week i need to send for repair . customer care from zing company is worst . Please dont buy zing tablet pc


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