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    Vipul Solanki

    Nice explanation.
    But wondering, biggies like Nokia don't have their own national level distribution ?

    What about Flipkart ? Its just a retailer or is also a distributor ?
    I mean to say, it gets its inventory from distributors or it cuts channel and brings them directly from manufacturers ?

    If not, do you think there is a potential for such online retailers to cut the channels and connect manufacturers to customers directly ?

    1. 1.1

      Sriram Vadlamani

      Flipkart, to me, is a retailer right now. Given its growing clout it has the making of a distributor. 

      Nokia, has ventured into direct distribution and retailing, probably after Micromax's shock. But they can't do it on their own. All the majors will look at the cost benefit analysis of going with a distributor and doing on their own. At some point, they will do some of it on their own.  

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    very helpful information


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