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Siddharth runs a technology business related to security and home automation. Siddharth is a self-confessed gadget geek who takes interest in anything electronic. He has years of experience with smartphones, tablets and PCs of all varieties, and loves helping people with tech-related issues.

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    I uninstalled Swype and installed TouchPal. Better sliding support and has voice input capability as well which is pretty accurate. The primary reason why TouchPal is better than Swype is that it is available from Android Market and can be auto upgraded unlike Swype which has to be installed via a separate installer and there's no way to auto upgrade. And it forces updates onto you. When a new version is available the sliding functionality stops working. It's a nuisance. And TouchPal is free as well!

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    Siddharth Karia

    As part of the Market's 10 billion app download celebrations, SwiftKey X is available for 10 cents for TODAY ONLY! Go get it from https://market.android.com/details?id=apps_timed_… now, it's worth a lot more than the Rs.5 that it is today.


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