Dell Aero, Dell’s first Android phone, has arrived in India and we are looking for dhoopsticks and camphor to welcome it. No seriously. We just want to add Dell Aero to our Android phone memorabilia. It was so nice of Dell to complete their flop portfolio of Android phones. There was Dell Streak – the cross between a tablet and smartphone, then there were Dell XCD 28 and XCD 35. Now we have Dell Aero which makes the Dell product portfolio complete.


I cannot think of a good reason why Dell would launch a two year old phone in India. The only reason I can think of is well, a clearance sale. You know, India is a dumping ground for west’s eWaste and it is now being used to dump outdated mobile phones.

You might be wondering, isn’t that what Apple does too? Yes Apple does exactly the same thing. With an exception for iPad 2, Apple has launched all its products a little late. It was considered as step motherly treatment though iPhone enjoys a cult status in India. Comparing Dell with Apple is like comparing Dell with Apple. Dell doesn’t have a following and it is not especially popular for making smartphones.

Dell ain’t no Apple and Aero is no iPhone.

Now that I have digressed enough, let’s discuss what Dell Aero have for us. It is available from for Rs. 11999. It runs Android 2.1, has 3.5 inch display, 5 MP camera, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and USB. Biggest downside is Android 2.1. We have quite a few phones running on Android 2.3 and not sure if people would go for Android 2.1.

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