Samsung Evan : A dual-SIM to take on Micromax

Samsung is taking its dual-SIM battle seriously. Though it is a late entrant, it has done well to compete with Nokia and Micromax. Now Samsung is launching Samsung Evan, a humble Duos phone. Samsung Evan’s price isn’t revealed yet but the specs are.

Samsung Evan comes with a 2.4 inch LCD Display, 3 MP camera, Bluetooth 2.1, FM Radio, USB, Music Player, Voice recorder and works on GSM (EDGE) networks.


Dual-SIM market is right now dominated by Micromax. In Micromax’s portfolio close to 90% of the phones are dual-SIM’s. Nokia which also lost out on dual-SIM has made amends and its Nokia X2 is a top-selling dual-SIM phone on eBay. Samsung which is playing a second fiddle in just this category can change that with Samsung Evan.


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