What’s hot around the tech world? Android Gingerbread is rumored to be coming out. Samsung Galaxy Tab has proved to be a viable alternative to Apple iPad with 1 million tabs sold already and we are 20 days away from Christmas. Cameras as we know it might not exist. Wikileaks is finding it hard to stay, let alone leak.

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Gingerbread coming out today

Android’s new operating system, Gingerbread (version 2.3) is coming today. As per Android community and Notion Ink. This is a much awaited update from Google as many smartphone and tablet launches are delayed for this.

1 million Galaxy tabs sold

Yes that’s a million of Samsung Galaxy tabs sold. Much behind iPad sales figures but a revelation that life exists beyond Apple’s products. Like iPod and iPhone, iPad did not take long to get a competitor. There are only two truths in the technology world. Be a innovative leader or a be fierce follower. Innovative leader – ask Apple. Fierce follower – ask Microsoft. Ironically both the strategies work. s

Tech giants strike against Wikileaks

If you live in India, then strike’s are nothing new. There is a strike for everything – from inflation to dilution of government stake in public companies. How does this look in the tech world? Ask Wikileaks. The beleaguered site which leaked thousands of confidential documents is under seige. Everybody is denying to play host to Wikileaks. First its host booted, then Amazon chipped only to withdraw later. Now the DNS server has booted Wikileaks and Paypal, Wikileaks money pipe has shown the door too. This is what government can do. Most importantly this is how quick technology can be used against you.  Who’s next? Twitter?

Death of point and shoot cameras

Traditional point and shoot cameras might not leave your home, thanks to smartphones. NYTimes has a very interesting article on how and why point and shoot cameras have no future. With smartphones like Nokia N8 which has a 12 megapixel camera and a phone loaded with 16 megapixels is coming out soon. This is not a prophecy but a trend. Here’s a fact to support the trend.

Most popular camera on the photo sharing site Flickr is iPhone 3G. Yes the modest camera on iPhone 3G is the most popular one.

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