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    I Really do not agree with you Sriram..
    To start with There is not even a single dual sim android phone as yet available in India.
    More over to say that cdma + gsm is not needed really shows the lack of any study.
    there are more than 100m cdma customers in India and there is a very very limited option in androids for CDMA guys. So i really think this is a really nice move. But since you have not mentioned the price it is really difficult to comment if it can be a value for money stuff!! hope it is priced under 9-10k for the slower processor and under 16k for the faster one!.

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      Sriram Vadlamani

      Opinion is different from study. What I have stated here is my opinion. GSM operators vs CDMA operators — What's the ratio? If you are launching a dual SIM phone why not go with the tested route? That's the only thing I wanted to mention here. Nothing else. If it is needed then good for Motorola.


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