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    Cool! Whihc local store did you buy it from? Please post the number and address of the store so people in/near Pune can benefit.

    1. 1.1

      Sriram Vadlamani

      You referring to the Optimus Black Yash?

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    iam thinking of buying lg optimus p970 black but iam a little confused between optimus and 'samsung galaxy sl i9003'…..so a little is appreciated…thnx

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    The Gadget Fan

    abhijeet shinde says
    iphone had expandable memmory ????

  4. 4

    abhijeet shinde

    iphone 3gs expandable memmory 32 gb??? 😀 😀

    1. 4.1

      Sriram Vadlamani

      It's not expandable. There is a 32 GB version available.

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    iPhone doesn't need Th heavy ram or CPU..iOS is much lighter..besides u r assured of atleast 1yr more of updates..(androids r becoming dual core powered & outdated 1 after other) iPhone 3GS is supported in Th upcoming iOS 5..besides iOS apps r better made..



    Ps:I seriously doubt u could buy an unlocked 3GS 32 gb fr 20k.. It's discontinued..Th one available fr 20k is Th 8gb model..

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      I'm sorry i could not help but see the flaws in your argument.

      iOS is not nor will it ever be better than android OS.

      The release of android made the reigning iOS 4 look like crap and completely shattered the un-backed hype behind it.

      Lets get a few things straight:

      1. Android is better than iOS

      2. AMOLED is better than Retina Display let alone the LCD screen used by the 3GS

      3. Any updates that Apple releases will be countered and destroyed by Google.

      But the app store is something i'll let you enjoy. The Android market is in its infancy but will surely come up with its growing popularity

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    The Gadget Fan

    Cheap cell phones pay as you go says
    Wsj cited origins within Apple's supplies line the business is being exceedingly aggressive obtaining their build up techniques for the fresh iphone, and has directed their manufacturers out to assume orders totaling 25 million options inside forthcoming several weeks.

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    You've made a mistake in terms of battery capacity in your article.

    The quoted talk and stand by time in the above article is only for 3g communication.

    However the battery life for 2g communication is as follows:

    Talk time: 14 hrs

    Stand-by time: 713 hrs.

    Overlooking this might have cost you a certain amount of happiness but none the less you've picked a decent phone although i myself have opted to pursue the nexus S because lets face it, we cannot rely on the manufacturer's overly optimistic statements.

    You called the un-expandable memory a problem but there are a lot of people who struggle to utilize even half their 8gb mem chips. There's a lot to rethink and re write


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