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    Pathetic review. Who would buy a $99 kindle?

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    Sriram, why are you coming down so hard on Notion ink? I didn't like it too when they didn't launch in India last year, but they had to straighten out lot of stuff if you see the blog updates. It is understandable. As you posted the tablet sales numbers in India over the past year, you can see they didn't miss anything. They may or may not sell much on flipkart, but there is no need to run them down. They are putting in a sincere effort. Let's give them a fair shake.

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      Sriram Vadlamani

      It’s not about being hard. It’s about the timing as it doesn’t make any sense with so many tablets out there. Sure Notion Ink didn’t miss anything. The case would have been the same if they didn’t launch it now. Why bother. Adam is neither the latest nor is it cost effective.

      Dell Aero is one such example : https://thegadgetfan.com/mobile-smartphones/dell-aero-launched-in-india-we-go-looking-for-dhoop-sticks.html

      HTC Explorer is another recent example : https://thegadgetfan.com/mobile-smartphones/whats-the-big-deal-about-htc-explorer-anyway.html

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    You are being a bit too critical. The retail launch in India is actually their first retail launch worldwide. Till now, they were only selling online through pre-order. That was a test phase for them when they removed the chinks. Adam is still isn’t retailed outside India. As for Adam losing its steam, its true that they are no more pioneers but remember that its a startup competing with multi-biliion giants. The hardware is still promising and offers many unique features. I wish them good luck for future.


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