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    Nice writing….but disagree with the conclusion…i'm purely a microsoft and nokia fan…apple is living on its blind fan following…apple made iphone once…got so much appreciation…great UI and apps support…agree…but than what…where's innovation???…its 0…apple brought ipad with "retina display"…its a SAMSUNG's creation supplied to apple…(u can search on net)…iphone 5….again nothing new…mark my words…this apple-mania is just for 2 more years…let nokia's lumia 920 get launched…which i think is really innovative…!! Dear Apple,you can't sell the same phone every year in different looks…!

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    Raghavendra Kopalle

    Such a naive article!
    "Tablets are tablets for a reason. They do not need keyboards. That’s why they have a touch screen. Otherwise, there’d be no difference between a PC with a touch screen and a tablet. Tablets are meant for use everywhere. They are easily portable and neat. I can hardly imagine the need for a separate keyboard on the iPad I’m using right now. Besides, the keyboard is rendered useless once you flip your tablet to the vertical position."
    1) Show me an All-in-one PC with a touch screen like you said which you can lug around in a bag, run without external power supply! Sorry I wasn't aware of an All In One PC of that sort!
    2) Heard of Asus Transformer? It was a run away success because of its keyboard. People are dumping(not in India yet) Desktops & Laptops these days for tablets. Typing a long mail or some document with the on screen keyboard is such a pain. Manufacturers are not selling keyboards for no reason. Unless you have a tablet just for playing games ofcourse!

    "The Surface uses a pen. The iPad uses and I quote, "The best pointing device known to man, a finger." "
    1) Apple is a master salesman! The fanboys may drool over their stuff but lets get real. Check out the stylus on Galaxy Note for example, how useful it is. Try making some sketches/notes/etc with the so called "finger" that apple refers to, surely you will show your finger to the one who gave that statement. Styluses are not mere pointing/selection devices like they were when touch screens(resistive ones) were first introduced. Any entry level tab with capacitive touch works perfectly with "fingers". Stylus serves a different purpose. Kindly "Note" this.

    Having a proper USB is bloody useful! You conveniently swept that aside.

    Coming to Apps, wait for the Windows 8 version of Surface. You will have loads of fully blown software not just cr'apps'!

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      Agni Jasthi

      Not So Dear Mr Raghavendra,

      1) The Lenovo Yoga is an "all in one PC which you can lug around in a bag". And yes, it has a touch screen too. The only reason you weren't aware of such a device is because you made no effort towards having a well informed debate.
      2) Secondly, when you're talking about the iPad, calling the Asus Transformer, which I'm very well aware of, is like comparing a band that plays at Indian weddings to the Beatles for God's sake. (Mild exaggeration intended) Also, would you please tell me, out of the billion tablets consumers have purchased so far, how many have bought keyboards to attach because "typing with on screen keyboards is such a pain".

      Now, the stylus may be useful for sketching down something but how frequently do you have to do that on your tablet? I can't possibly imagine whipping out a stylus every time I use a 9.7 inch tablet. And have you, by any chance, considered the possibility of the Galaxy Note NOT being a tablet? I have compared tablets here and you, are bringing a knife to a gun fight. Why do you think the Galaxy Tab 2 doesn't come with a stylus? Because, IT'S A TABLET.
      Your argument of not being able to sketch is just a little weed in the beautiful garden of "Apples". I have merely scratched the "Surface" here.

      Having a USB is pretty damn useful, but so is an automatic backup system that makes sure you get all your files on all your devices and never lose anything to system crashes, which are pretty common in PC's, don't you think?

      Thank you, but no thank you. While you keep waiting for Windows 8 or any other software that you feel will better Apple's, I'll bide my time staring at the new 2048 by 1536 resolution iPad 4 screen, which is unrivaled, btw.

      And now, for the finish. The above comparison was between the iPad 3 and the Surface. I dare you to compare the iPad 4 with the Surface and not declare the iPad as the winner.

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    Just another biased article. This kid has an article which is just like Vadlamani's


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