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Sriram Vadlamani is the Editor and co-founder of TheGadgetFan and a columnist at Asian Correspondent. You can follow him on twitter @indianomics (Email: [email protected] | Bio). Add him to your Google circle.

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    Christoffer Veng

    Just ordered one the day before yesterday and got my EMS shipping details today. I'm looking very much forward to getting the ZT-180, which by the way is intented to help me as a PDF-reader at my work as a teacher. I'm delighted to see, that you're thrilled about your device! 🙂

  2. 2


    hai…. where can i order this… not available in ebay.?????

  3. 3


    Sriram, please let us know what your actual user experience was… am thinking about buying a tablet of ebay and am frightened of poor quality.


  4. 4


    I purchased the latest model from a website other than ebay. I have had it a week and love it! Some issues with the market, but I see many forums with phone users who have the same issue. I am able to get around it. As long as you are not expecting an iPad replacement, then you should be fine.

  5. 5

    Soham Bhattacharyya

    hey from which site you guys are ordering?? i'm searching but not getting any? i wanna buy this…


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