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Ashwin Sreekumar heads Marketing at MySmartprice and is an MS graduate from State University of New York, University at Buffalo. He has avid interest in eCommerce, marketing , technology and smartphones.

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    The D40 is a decent caemra and is aimed squarely at the compact caemra user who wants to move up to interchangeable lenses but doesn’t want the hassle of too many other options. I’ve sold dozens of the caemra.The D40x has been discontinued for a while, it came back to life as the D60. Mostly it’s the X with a new badge but there are some subtle under the hood changes plus 10 MP too. Mostly it’s the VR lens that comes with the D60 that makes it an outstanding buy.The D40 isn’t a particularly fast caemra and those looking to shoot kids sports or anything of equal speed would be advised to compare before buying.Further if you are going with Nikon because you already own Nikon lenses please, please be aware that most lenses over 2 years old won’t work on any D40 / D60 unless they are marked “AF/S”. These bodies don’t have focus motors built in and over 75% of the Nikon, Tamron or Sigma lenses won’t work on them.References :


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