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    Nice deal. As to seventymm getting into online retail – DVD rental business has clearly not taken off the way it has in the west. Piracy is killing the business model. And the rental model has a limit. Netflix successfully branched out to related business of streaming movies and that is now its main business. Unfortunately Internet and Movie Producers in India have not evolved enough for seventymm to take that route. So till that happens they gotta survive somehow. You gotta pay salaries and show something to the VCs. So milk the traffic in whatever way you can!

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      Sriram Vadlamani

      That's a great explanation Yash. DVD is almost a for Seventymm right now. Can't blame them. They are a little ahead of the curve.

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    Deva J

    Paid for one iPad. Later they called me and told me that the price on the website was a mistake and I had to pay more if I wanted the iPad 🙂

    Asked them for a refund. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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