Tablet computers have become mainstream laptop replacement these days. Most of the people buy tablets for web browsing, watching movies, reading books, and playing games. But these uses are only limited by our imagination.

We can do whatever we want with our tablets and nobody can stop us from doing that. Check the images below to know how people are using their tablets in funny and weird ways:

1. As a sushi tray :

You can use your discarded tablet for eating sushi when you are too hungry to find yourself a plate in your kitchen.

Nobody holds the right to come between you and your food.

2. As a cutting board :

Another kitchen use for a tablet would be to us it as a cutting board. It won’t even leave any marks on your tablet if it’s equipped the latest generation of scratch-resistant glass such as Gorilla Glass 3 or a good screen guard.

 3. As a high-tech belt buckle

It is said that your clothing has a huge effect on your personality. This guy has replaced his belt buckle with a tablet. I wonder what he’d do in the washroom.

4. As a frisbee

When your tablet’s battery dies out and you’re getting bored, then you can use it as a frisbee and have some fun.

PS: The fun will only last till you drop and break it.

frisbee tablet

5. As a table leveller

The joints in old wooden tables often become loose and hence causes the table to lose its alignment. So, if you own a tablet then you can use it as a leveller.

table leveller tablet

6. As a writing pad

From what it looks, this doesn’t seem to be a weird use of a tablet, but why would anyone be interested in writing and wasting a sheet of paper when he has a tablet?

writing surface tablet


7. For killing flies. Well, not exactly!!!

This one is my favourite. If you are bored of reading on your tablet or if some housefly is irritating you then you can smash it with your tablet.

I cannot guarantee what will get smashed. Check out the video before doing anything!

These are some of the best weird uses of a tablet computer that I could find at the moment. If you can think of any other thing that one could do with his/her tablet, then the comment section is all yours.

Source: BBY

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  1. The point that BBY is trying to make is that many Chinese tablets are useless in their intended role and are only good for using as chopping boards, sushi trays, etc.

    Cheers to all…