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Sriram Vadlamani is the Editor and co-founder of TheGadgetFan and a columnist at Asian Correspondent. You can follow him on twitter @indianomics (Email: [email protected] | Bio). Add him to your Google circle.

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  1. 1

    Sharath Krishna Kaza

    Tried to find one with the Dealers & the distributors in Hyderbad. No one is aware of a refurbished phone launched / being launched.
    Could you pls suggest where i could find more info on the availability & locations?

  2. 2


    what a waste ..can any one make out anything ?

  3. 3


    Any idea where to download an instruction manual for the SKG T-W1 (iphone) as the box did not have one. Thanks for any help.

  4. 4


    Sriram Vadlamani i strongly recommend you stop writing blogs, you have no clue as to how apple operates in india, what a total waste of web space ?????????

    This wil never happen in india .. ever !
    I strong suggent you stop copy and paste from other website to get atricles…….


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