If you don’t have a tablet then you are not playing the game well. That’s the mantra for 2011. Those which are in the tablet space will bolster their product portfolio and those which aren’t try to get in albeit with a inferior product. HTC has recently entered with Flyer and now it is Sony’s turn. Sony has come up with two tablets, though one of it is dangerously close to not being called as a tablet, at least in my lexicon.

Sony’s two tablets are called as S1 and S2. Sony S1 is a 9.4 inch which isn’t even throughout and reminds me of Notion Ink’s Adam design (how are those guys doing btw). Sony S2 is a dual 5.5 inch display tablet which is foldable in the middle. Does dual 5.5 inch make it a 11 inch screen?

Both Sony S1 and S2 will run Honeycomb operating system out of the box. There will be a Sony skin on top of the Android. Sony’s tablets are tightly integrated with Playstation network, Sony’s eReader store and Qriocity music service. Pricing and other features aren’t out yet.

There is no dearth of Android tablets in the market. There is dearth of good Android tablets in the market. The scenario right now is, there is iPad and then there is rest of these tablets. And all the tablets are trying to sell specifications and not user experience. Would these Sony tablets be any different? I don’t have a reason to believe they will be different.


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