Nokia US Trolls Apple On Twitter

It seems that there is no end to Nokia’s theatrics. If the recent tweet by Nokia Germany aimed at Samsung was not enough, Nokia US twitter account is now trolling Apple based on today’s announcements by Apple as part of its event.

Nokia US account first tweeted out this image to take pot shots at the Apple’s introduction of the multiple color options in iPhone 5C

Nokia Trolls Apple

It is clear that Nokia is claiming that Apple copied the color schemes from Nokia’s Lumia range of phones.

But Nokia US did not stop there! Out came another tweet poking fun at the 8 megapixel camera against the 41 megapixel in Nokia Lumia 1020

While Nokia’s marketing department is working hard (remember the Nokia’s strategically placed ad at Samsung), I can’t help but wonder if such marketing theatrics would help Nokia now that Microsoft is calling the shots

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