First there is an app ecosystem then there is a app aggregator ecosystem. When that’s not enough we get into app discovery ecosystem. We are in the app discovery phase right now. Finding the right app in the ocean of a million smartphone apps is never easy for your niche. Intuit has discovered 10 such apps which make the lives of small businesses easier and sometimes profitable too.

As per a study done by Intuit, small business owners saved 5.6 hours per week using apps. Small business employees saved 11.3 hours per week using apps. The dollar savings translates to $275 per week or $14317 per year.

Which apps are making the lives of small business owners easier?

There are multiple categories of apps which are useful, GPS navigation and maps are the most useful of the apps. Contact management, remote document access and travel planning are the other popular categories. These 10 apps are the most recommended for business users.

10 must have apps for business users


Timewerks is a time tracking and invoicing application for freelancers, consultants, contractors, lawyers, salespeople, or anyone who needs to track time, materials and send invoices. The app costs $2.99 and there is a TimeWerks Lite version to try it for free. (iTunes link)

Sales CRM EZi

A must have app for sales people, this app lets you track all your sales leads and opportunities. A sales lead can be set-up with five different status levels which will help track the sales to the end. Sales targets can be set and commissions can be calculated too. If you are salesman or in the business selling this is a must-have app.

My Eyes Only

My Eyes Only is a information protector app which secures personal information stored using encryption and password protection. The information is inaccessible if the phone is stolen. The app is free to try.


Bump lets you share your apps. And when the app named itself as Bump, they meant it. You have to select the app you want to share and then slightly bump with another iPhone user to share the app. App is a free download.


The most popular note taking application. This is a must-have for anyone who wants to note not just business users.


Organize and share your travel plans easily with Tripit. All you have to do is send the confirmation email from your travel source to and the app does the heavy loading of organizing, putting it on your calendar and sharing with your friends. App is a free download.

Scan2pdf mobile

Turn your iPhone into a scanner and a fax machine. This app lets you scan a document with your iPhone’s camera, converts the doc to pdf and lets you share it. There’s a free lite version and a paid version of the app which costs $6.99

Quickoffice pro

Quickoffice Pro provides ability to edit Microsoft office files. The app can be integrated with cloud storage solutions like MobileMe, Dropbox, Google Docs,, Huddle and SugarSync. The app costs $14.99.

Fuze Meeting

Fuze Meeting lets you share your screen and attend online meetings. This free apps brings online meetings to iPhone and iPad. The app is free to download.

Intuit GoPayment

You can turn your iPhone into a credit card reader and accept payments. Intuit provides a free external device which plugs into iPhone when you sign up for the app. Together they make the life of small business owners easy.

Via Intuit Blog

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