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    I don't prefer Indian brands… Because most of the mobiles form Micromax has bad reviews… and also their UI is not that great…. No way that Indian companies can compete with big electronic legends like Nokia, Samsung…

    BTW i just ordered my first Indian based mobile Micromax X450, only because of stealing offer…

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    hi!__Would like to comment on two specific elements, awareness levels of the indian brands and the push of retailers.__Awareness levels, im sure as a regular observer we could conclude that the product innovations + communication has had its effect and has atleast made a certain segment/profile ask for the brand__Retailer push, i wonder if the margins might have a role to play. With the aggressive pricing maybe the indian brands r offering lower margins. Moreover, the trade marketing support of larger brands, support in terms of signages/store displays/essential sponsored elements inside the store + a minimum quantity criteria put by bigger brands might have retailers push these brands vis a vis the indian ones.

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    Does is have anything about Indian psyche about foreign breands. We have always been ready to accept anything foreign easily than our own ! You know what I mean..


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