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    Anthony Hsiao

    What would you recommend? I am indeed trying to decide whether a phone + 7" tablet is good, or something like the Note is good enough / large enough to be all round.

    I basically don't want to have a computer at home anymore, a Tablet (or Note) should be sufficient, but right now, my phone is not a sufficient replacement, mainly because the browser is too small / slow / insufficent to replace the desktop experience. I can't do many things I can do on the desktop.

    Do you believe the Note is an adequate replacement of a Tablet (= a smaller tablet), and do you secondly believe it is sufficient to just have that at home for light web use?

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      Anthony – If you are looking at completely moving from PC to do jobs like mail / browsing / chatting etc. I would recommend, keep your existing phone and just buy a tablet, instead of going for a Note. Thats an expensive device. A tablet will come to you cheaper and will better serve the purpose…

      Having said that, Note is an awesome piece of work and some functionality is just great… though for me holding such a large piece in hand everytime I get a call is a bit too much… though that is personal preference…



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