This should come as no surprise. Nokia has discontinued this model but in the past 2 years this is a regular sighting in the hands of college students, construction workers and housewives. Nokia 1100 is built to last. Nokia tests its phones rigorously and Nokia 1100 is a phone which was tested more outside its labs.

Nokia phones are dropped 100 times from a one meter height, tested for heat and humidity and the keys are pressed 10,000 times.

A must for dusty country like India and many more developing nations. There are more than 250 million Nokia 1100 phones sold. A record of sorts. Nokia 1100 is like the Yamaha 100 CC bike sold in India in the 1990s. That Yamaha bike still has great resale value, if you find a seller. Nokia 1100 is no different.


Stories like these makes me wonder if Nokia is not all lost. May be it will win the market back. With the rush for smart phones and dual SIM phones, Nokia might have missed a trick or two. But it should bounce back. Nokia,not Apple can produce phones for the rest of the world.

Read this excellent article from Gimodo. IMG credit.

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  1. Awesome! This gives me hope for the world. With today's generation running after dual SIM and smartphones, the basic models have lost their charm. However seems like countries like India, won't really give up on their vintage models so easily!