Projector phones seems to be the latest craze among the handset manufacturers. Intex which already has a touchscreen projector phone is now coming up with a stripped off version of its V.Show called as V.Show Mini IN 8809. Intex V.Show mini is cheapest projector phone available on the market undercutting the price of Spice PopKorn. Price of V.Show mini is Rs. 6300

Intex, Spice and TechBerry are already in the game with one phone each. Spice Popkorn is the recently launched projector phone which was also the inexpensive of the three, until V.Show Mini came along. With the launch of Mini, Intex has gone one level above. Would any other manufacturer jump right in?



Intex V.Show Mini has a 2.4 inch QVGA screen, dual SIM capability, 2 megapixel camera and an internal memory of 87 MB. Memory can be jacked up to 16 GB through a SD card. Bluetooth, 3.5 mm audio jack, FM radio are on-board. Pre-loaded apps like Facebook and Opera Mini should take care of the browsing needs. V.Show Mini has a document reader which would make it easy to project the presentations in case you office projector acts kinky.

Looking at the launches of these projector phones and the searches on Google, looks like there is a pent up demand for the projector phones. How well are these phones being received? We just have to wait and see. I haven’t seen anyone using these projector phones to project a presentation. Have you? If yes, how is that working out for you? What is the range like?

Source, Image : TechTree

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