iBall Asaan is a phone which is exclusively designed for senior citizens. It has a large keypad, enhanced sound, wire free FM and exclusive SOS button helps empower our seniors. The most uncomplicated phone ever. The phone is cute with its white design. Asaan means easy. The phone really is easy to use. Asaan has a hardware toggle for turning on the torch. A separate button to lock the phone and a separate button to turn the FM on.

iBall Asaan is well intended and it will be well received.

Here’s iBall Asaan :


iBall Asaan’s SOS button, which will call five different numbers :


One more shot (blurry one) of Asaan :


Asaan with its gear (Charger, battery and ear phones):



Stay tuned for a TGF video review in few days.

PS : Just tested the SOS feature. You have to feed in five numbers in the Phone Book under SOS. When the hardware key (present at the back of the phone) is pulled down, the phone calls the first number listed in the SOS and if they don’t pick up (or if you press the end button) it moves on to the next number and so on. Pulling the SOS trigger itself will produce an ambulance siren which is loud enough to wake up your insomniac neighbor.

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