iPhone 5 is a dual SIM Phone? Rumor round-up!

The mystique around Apple’s products is nothing new. iPhone 5 traveling that path is inevitable. Rumor mills are abound about various features of iPhone 5. Like most things in the gadget world, nothing ever is a rumor. iPhone 5 rumors range from having a external keypad to removing the home button. iPhone 5 might have a bigger screen size somewhere in the range of 4inches to 5 inches and it might use a faster RAM of 1 GB. There are whole lot more. One rumor which was kind of confirmed by Sony CEO is the 8 megapixel camera. The biggest feature to me was the dual SIM card slot. Now we are talking.

This infographic from nowhereelse summarizes all the rumors around iPhone 5. Take a look :


Isnt that something?

Via : Labnol

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