ZTE enters Tablet PC market with 7-inch ZTE Light

2010 could easily be the year of tablets and Android. Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE has entered the hot tablet PC market with a 7-inch tablet PC called ZTE Light. It will be running Android 2.1 operating system, supports voice calls and weighs 403 gms. It looks pretty slick too.

ZTE Light is much smaller, much lighter and more convenient. Its weight of 403 gms is compared against the iPad 3G+WiFi model weight of 730 gms. ZTE Light’s screen is 2.7 inches less than iPad and the convenience factor comes in with a slew features which iPad doesn’t have.



ZTE Light features :

  1. 3G+WiFi
  2. USB, Bluetooth
  3. GPS, Camera, FM, G-Censor and compass
  4. 3MP camera
  5. 10 hours of working battery time
  6. 3.5 mm audio jack
  7. 512 MB RAM
  8. GSM card slot (Source)

The price and the availability of the device is not revealed yet.  An Indian price of Rs. 22,000 – Rs. 25,000 is what I expect. If ZTE studies the competition well, which I am sure it does, that would be the price it would launch. Because ZTE is not riding on the brand name but on the feature rich gadget and word of mouth publicity. India already has cheaper tablets in the form of OlivePad and Binatone’s HomeSurf.

Would ZTE Light be launched in India? 

Why not? ZTE wants whatever foothold it can get in India. It already has a strong presence in India and has recently entered the mobile handset market. ZTE along with Huawei is upgrading Reliance and Tata’s  network to 3G. With such a compelling product like ZTE Light, it would be raring to go. It could possible patch up some partnerships with Indian telcos too.

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