Wespro ePad : Cheapest Tablet available in India! Cost : Rs. 7999

If I were to say, it’s raining tablets in India, that would still be an understatement. When we started TGF, we were expecting to write a lot on the tablet pc’s aka mobile Internet devices. We never expected to write about them so much and so soon. This might be the seventh tablet PC we are covering in less than a month. Wespro Digital has a MID called ePad and the cost of it is Rs. 7999. This by far is the cheapest tablet available in India. Binatone Home Surf is available for Rs. 8990.



ePad’s specs are comparable to the recently launched Accord @Pad. If I were to go through them it would be a copy paste except for few things.

Wespro ePad’s specifications :

  • Processor: VIA WM8505 400MHz Wespro-2
  • Operating System: Google Android 1.9 OS
  • Display: 7 Inches Display Screen
  • RAM: 128MB
  • Internal Memory: 2GB Nand Flash
  • External Memory: Expandable up to 32GB with TF Card
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g
  • File Format: Support MP3/WMA/MPEG4/MPEG2/MPEG1/3GP/DIVX/XVID
  • Battery Backup: 4-5 Hours
  • Functions: Internet surfing, information searching and News reading
  • Multimedia: Play Music, Movies and Online Games
  • Battery: Li-polymer 7.4V 1400mAh
  • Weight: 0.42kg
  • Size: 20.3 x 13.6 x 1.0 cm
  • Ethernet connectivity and the package contains the connector too. (source)
  • Wespro ePad and Accord @Pad run almost the same processor. Not sure if there was a typo or not but, both run a 400 MHz VIA processor. ePad runs a VIA WM8505 and @pad runs a VIA VM8505. Wespro ePad runs Android 1.9 operating system unlike @Pad which runs 1.7 out of the box.

    Weight of ePad is 0.42 kg which is far less than @pad’s weight of a one kilogram. ePad costs less than @Pad by one thousand rupees.Weight and the price are two things which make Wespro ePad a better bet than Accord @Pad. Another notable feature is the ability to play DIVX/XVID file formats which none of the other MID’s have offered. If video playback is your key criteria  then ePad could be your MID of choice.

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    1. The configuration, specially the built-in RAM is pretty low end. It should still serve a lot of people who want to own an iPad or a tablet for their esteem. Otherwise the config of Samsung Galaxy cannot be beaten in the business gadget category for sure.

    2. i have bought this touch pad thinking it would run tata photon plus(mobile broadband) but it doesn't.
      i wanted ask whether this problem is due to it's Android OS ?
      If yes is there a way to change OS to Window CE or some other OS that would support tata photon plus.

    3. Posting this review with hope that this might be useful to a potential ePAD, specially Wespro epad buyer, or for that matter anybody interested in buying one of these chinese low cost MID's what they call.

      I am using the 3rd unit now and know this inside out. This is based on a Wondermedia chipset from VIA. With very little RAM and low speed. No bluettoth, very very poor wify with a range of about 5 feet only. Cumbersome 3G, whhich will work in 1/5 cases only. The Android appmarket, the interesting part of Android fee OS is fake here. This is a chinese app market with no propers apps.

      Most Important, this is a huge security too. You would think this is Google appmarket and give your Google login id and password here unknowingly, but you just gave the google credentials to a chinese hacker! When I pointed this to Wespro support people they said they cannt do anything on this as the OS comes pre-loaded from China.

      With much effort and some knowledge of internet I found some good apps from here and there and installed. Sharing them if it helps somebody – http://www.webkriti.com/android/

      • Thanks Arijit. That was a very valuable input from ur side. I think everyone should learn from your experience and avoid going for these cheap tablets.

      • hey arjit you jus saved me 18000 rs…….i just completed the naptol online purchase for 3 tablets..and just as a custom ….saw the reviews…..shocked by wat u said…..now…..i just wait for a medium tablet……a branded one this time

    4. i want to buy this epad.im living in hyderabad(andhrapradesh)can u please tell me where is the shop near to me

    5. I want to buy Wespro ePad :Tablet Cost : Rs. 7999

      Kindly reply or send me the contact person number.

      Deepika from chandigarh


    6. Hi! Guys,

      I wanna sell my tablet pc , it has almost all the features of Samsung Galaxy Tab except Bluetooth and Camera.

      Reachable : abhishek.ip@gmail.com

      Main Features : Android 2.2 ,256 MB RAM 2G,3G network support (Phone call ready)

      Buy Price : 14,000 INR , Sale Price : 13,000 INR

      Details can be checked at the link given below.


      Configuration As Given Below:


      RK2818 ARM11-800mhz


      Android 2.2 Froyo


      256MB DDR2



      ADD ON

      MAX 32GB TF


      800*480 7”LCD




      Multi-point-touch Capacitance Screen


      4 WAY GRAVITY SENSER, GPS inside



      AUX IN

      Build-in MIC

      AUX OUT

      3.5mm Standard


      30pin USB Extend Adapter


      9V 1.5A






      WCDMA, EVDO, Phone Call ready


      MKV (H.264 HP)/RMVB/MPEG-4/FLV 1080p


      MP3, WMA. FLAC, AAC, AC3, OGG, WAV





    7. i abhishek u called me but i did not hear

      from u well someone is cloning my cell phone

      call me on 9222115557 / 9821112162 v could

      talk further on tuesday onwards mr. merchant.

    8. I would like to purchase few cheap and best tablet pc's which is available in india. I may need a few numbers ( 20 to 25) please note the best prase for me, and if you can delever in Gulf ( Qatar) please let me know the rate.

      Sabu Raphel


    9. you shouldn’t buy this tablet
      bcoz this got only 400 MHz processor which is not suitable for good tablet pc
      even the low end android phones come up with atleast 600 Mhz processor :)
      android 1.9 is outdated android OS n
      you should look for atlest 2.2 (Froyo)
      Though you have to increase your budget for that

      n cool model by the way (external looks) :)

      • press the switch button for a long time and it ll be on…or else contact wespro customer care for replacement assistance…,they give 6 months warranty

    10. I have purchased a Wespro Touchpad 7". I want to sell it as I have received one more as a gift.

      Price Rs.4000/-, under warranty. The price is can be further reduced.

      Anyone interested in buying, contact me at mksahdev@gmail.com

      or 9716146882 (Delhi, NCR)

    11. hello please tell where is yoru open and workign cservice center in Kerala
      Trivandrum address does nto work and product is not workign within warranty

    12. Hey Guys, Wespro its one the worst Tab ever….I just got a new piece and it does not start at all, took to the service center, even he said its a China piece so no one can rely on it coz these devices have corrupted display, ….with me i had 10 guys in the line for the same problem, he said we have to wait for 15 days to get it replaced…feel really cheated for going for a cheap one to save money :(

    13. I m Kapil in east delhi.I like tablet mobile.I want best tablet Phone with 3 G ,wifi in best price.my cell no 9810269221.Delhi.
      Have a nice day.

    14. haiiiiiiiiii my name is goutham i have brought wespro tablet its not working nicely net not getting installed in that pls help any 1 knw how install it pls my number is 09966789363

    15. Hi,

      Recently i have been hearing a lot about this Xtab A10 which is the cheapest 5 point capacitive, 1.5 GHz, HDMI, USB, Android 4.0 tablet @ Rs 5490 launched by NXG Electronics. Can you please suggest me whether or not i should book this tablet for me as i am really new to this tablet world.


    17. how can i use internet in wespro pc tab 786.i already have huwaei e220 but its not working. pls friends help me out

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