Samsung Galaxy Tab India price to be 38000?

If true, that’s expensive as hell. Might look cheaper when compared with Dell Streak. But 38000 seriously? Fonearena points us to a Samsung landing page which has the pre-order details. Samsung Galaxy Tab’s slick landing page has quite a few details. You can pre book the tab for Rs.1000 and get mobile accessories worth Rs. 3500/- (looks like a bluetooth headset). You can also book a demo. The overall price of Samsung Galaxy Tab is speculated to be Rs. 38000. This is much more than its US launch price of $600 without contract. Why would Samsung do it?




Samsung Galaxy tab is one of the most awaited tablets of year 2010. It is touted to be Apple iPad beater. It promises to be a great product with great specifications. Galaxy Tab runs Android, has a 7-inch screen, 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and all the ammunition (3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) to make you a road warrior. Read our review here.


There’s an interesting School to tab feature on the landing page which gives you all the reasons to become a tabber. Few such suggestions :

Do not just see, suggests The School of TAB, but observe as well. Millions saw apples fall. Only Newton asked why.

Television, says The School of TAB, can be very educative. Each time someone switches the TV on, just go to the next room and read a book.

The School of TAB holds that there are good days and there are OK days, but not for a Tabber. For a Tabber there are good minutes and OK minutes.

Tabbing is playing with numbers at office while playing with words on facebook.

Well are you ready for school of tab yet?

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