Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler – Albert Einstein

I love simplicity. For the most part that is. This Noteslate tablet does just one thing and does it very well. It can take notes. That’s pretty much it. Noteslate costs $99 and comes in four different color contrasts. It cannot be used for web-browsing but can be used to read some pdf’s through a firmware upgrade. Noteslate has a 13-inch diagonal low-res display and the battery lasts for 180 hours. The notes taken on Noteslate can be synced to a computer either through WiFi or mini USB.


Noteslate is dangerously close to becoming a unitasker. For someone who just have to take notes or draw pictures and don’t want to be distracted by the umpteen distractions this generation is famous for then Noteslate could be a choice. But for everyone else who want a bit of everything to do with at tablet, Noteslate might be the one you are looking for. For the simple reason that you cannot browse which happens to be the most basic thing to do on a tablet.

Noteslate might find audience in the student and designer community. For the rest of us, the hunt for the best tablet is still on.


Source : NoteSlate

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  1. Is the top picture a multi-color version? On the site it does not show any multi-color versions… It would be cool if you could buy different colored pencils to digitally draw with!