Apple might just mend its ways a teeny bit when it comes to India strategy. Apple’s India strategy is :  “no new products for India, if it is leftovers – you can have it”. iPad was launched a year after its US launch. There are still no signs of iPhone 4. Almost everyone in India might have kissed their iPad 2 dreams goodbye. But, may be, Apple will send out some iPad 2’s India’s way. I call it the Xoom effect, if this indeed turns out to be true.


Xoom effect

Motorola Xoom with a price tag of Rs. 35000 is coming to India. It is the only real competition to iPad 2, though iPad comes out trumps in all comparisons. If India is exposed to high-end tablet with no real alternatives, buyers will flock and Apple will lose its ground. That is true, only if India understands the concept of tablets.

iPad price drop

Though iPad 1 was launched quite late in India, just after 3 weeks of its launch, Apple has dropped the price by 3K on all ranges. If India was just a dumping ground for Apple, there is no reason for Apple to drop the price so quickly. The only logical explanation is the arrival of a better model. Because you don’t have to clean up a dumping ground.

India’s appetite for tablets is increasing

6000-8000 tablets are being sold in India every month. This is tiny. With 3G already rolling out and users looking for more ways to consume a tablet can provide as a better alternative to a notebook or a netbook. If media consumption is the main goal of the users, tablets are the best way to do it. It doesn’t  take quite long to understand the concept of tablets, you know.

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  1. 3 reasons why it might not come "Soon(like 2-3 months)"

    1) Too much of demand in US and already dried up supply chain followed by other countries in queue for follow up launch by march 25th
    2) Bleeding edge issue and they might even delay the other nations launch if some thing significant comes out of it
    3) Japan impact on components