• Android 2.3 operating system. Only a few tablet makers have launched with Android 2.3 operating system.
  • Battery : iBall Slide’s 4400 mAh battery is massive when compared with the current crop of tablets.
  • 3G dongle on a tablet : Really? Come on seriously? How archaic does that sound? I actually wanted to say ‘how stupid’ but, I refrained from doing it. You provide the consumer with a tablet for greater mobility and impede with a dongle. Not cool.
  • Price  : I don’t want to be a haggling Indian and suggest that iBall Slide at Rs. 13995 is a tad pricey. But for iBall’s sake, how does it plan to sell this tablet against the Reliance 3G Tab and its advertising machine? I mean those ads are everywhere. I know you got hottie Hrithik Roshan but how many Acer laptops did he sell? Also how do you justify the obvious 5K price difference with MTS 1055?
  • Cameras : The main camera is 2 megapixel and there’s no front-facing camera. Understandable because iBall didn’t think of 3G as much of deal as they have included it via a dongle.
  • Bezel : What’s with the bezel? Looks like an old transistor to me. It also reminds me of the Indian HRD’s $35 tablet.

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