By the power vested in the open source community, Dell Streak has be re-christened as a tablet from being a giant smartphone. This event happened when some good folks has ported Honeycomb – the OS designed for tablet, to Dell Streak. Dell has always insisted that their 5-inch baby is a tablet, contrary to popular definition. Nook Color went through the same path and got a Honeycomb make-up. Though in case of Nook Color it can be called as a tablet.


Calling Dell Streak as a tablet is still far fetched. There’s no hard and fast rule for what can be called as a tablet, but the screen size has to be at least 7-inches for anything to be called as a tablet. eReaders like Kindle tread comfortably in the 6-inch screen sizes. 7-inch screen size is a meaningful size to do anything on a similar device, you know, like reading a book, watching a movie or just plain old browsing. These are the things which can be done in leisure on a 7-inch device. 5-inch devices still pose a challenge on the real estate and it should not be mistaken for frugality.

Any which way, Dell Streak owners can enjoy a whiff of tabletness in their own device. Honeycomb gets yet another test case that it can run on small oversized devices, like Dell Streak. Looks like a win-win.

And yes. Dell Streak still costs Rs. 33249 in India. You can get a bigger tablet which is almost double the screen size of Dell Streak and it is THE tablet. It’s called iPad and costs Rs. 27900.

Via : Engadget

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