RIM is hoping that tablets will revive its fortunes. Tablet clairvoyants are betting big on the consumer PC market. RIM is pinning its hopes on car companies.  Research in Motion (RIM) is hoping to sell tablets to cars. RIM’s Playbook has received mixed reviews so far, and the consensus is of it being a rushed product.

Just like in-flight entertainment, tablets in cars will provide in-car entertainment. gadgets-in-cars Controlling temperature, syncing and playing music, GPS, browse the net and playing games are some of the things which can be achieved with an in-car tablet. Chauffeured cars will be provided with tablets in the rear to let the patrons control temperature. 

A touch screen device which doesn’t do much is distracting enough in the car. A tablet in a car which can go online and do stuff would be outright dangerous and gormless. Tablet in a car will provide convenience, but should it come at the expense of safety?

To hit the sales curve, a product needs mass adoption. One of the biggest success factors of Android phones and tablets is its mass adoption. Tablet in a car is too narrow a use case to rake in the moolah for RIM, if the intended use is in-car entertainment. Safety issues and narrow market focus are the obvious impediments for RIM’s bets.

Getaround a p2p car rental service and app, comes with a car kit and an app. Tablet clubbed with such a car kit to provide enhanced utility service like p2p car rentals should give cars-in-tablets a genuine chance. Right now, too many folks are trying too many gadgets in cars.

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