Newly launched BSNL Android tablets, have received 1 lakh pre-orders already. The pre-orders are for all the three tablets combined. Not just that. Pantel, the maker of the BSNL tablets, have received an offer for 2 lakh tablets from Sahara. Is this all déjà vu?

To me it is.

I remember seeing this kind of headlines from Datawind. How it received 14 lakh pre-pentapad orders in the first few weeks. That later turned out to be a dud as Datawind wasn’t in any position to fulfill any kind of orders. What’s transpired at the Datawind-Aakash story is still not known. I hope BSNL’s tablet saga doesn’t end that way. For now, BSNL’s Android tablet is on its way to beat Aakash tablet in hype.

Of course, BSNL doesn’t have to resort to this kind of tactics as it doesn’t go to polls. So this being a populist move with no substance can be readily ruled out. But a word of caution should prevail. The pre-orders are taken online and on the phone without much of a commitment to actually buy the product.

1 lakh pre-orders ! = 1 Lakh orders. 1 Lakh Orders != 1 Lakh sales

We will soon know if this is a genuine demand or irrational exuberance. We will be watching this story closely and see how it unfolds.

Via The Mobile Indian

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