Reliance did it. Airtel did it. Now BSNL is at it. The state-owned telecom operator has decided that the time is ripe to have a hardware play to go with its data services.  BSNL which plans to release 3 tablets has priced its lowest tablet at Rs. 3250, a tad higher than the uber-popular, never-delivered Aakash tablet. BSNL’s other tablets are priced at Rs. 10999 and Rs. 13500. BSNL Penta T Pad IS 701R is the name of BSNL’s Aakash rival.

BSNL has collaborated with Pune based Pantel to bring these tablets to the market.


1 Shot 3 Birds

BSNL is aiming to capture the Aakash audience, if there was ever one. BSNL Penta T Pad IS 701R is Aakash rival at the price of Rs. 3250. It comes with a 7-inch resistive touch screen, 1 GHz processor, 256 MB RAM and Android OS.

The other two tablets with the price of Rs. 10999 and Rs. 13500 are aimed at Beetel’s Magiq and Reliance 3G Tab. 

What’s with the name?

I am not a great fan of these tablet names. Penta T Pad IS 701 R? Who would give a tablet such a messy name? BSNL might have lost the game at the name itself. The name is long, forgettable and so very BSNL-like.

Would it be 1 shot 3 birds for BSNL? That’s not hard to guess. Given BSNL’s brand perception, BSNL would be lucky to have at least one hit of the three.

I hope BSNL’s Penta Pad competes with Aakash in price alone.

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  1. Best is ubislate7+ it is priced at 2999. It offers web con
    Nectivity both through wifi and gprs. The bsnl tabs offer access only through wifi….defies the purpose of a portable device

  2. Ubislate7+ beats them all….it runs on an android 2.3 , has a processor twice faster than the bsnl tabs and is priced at 2999. it offers net connectivity both through wifi and gprs……it has absolutely no competition!