Accord @Pad : 7-Inch Android tablet for Rs. 9999

Accord has launched an Android tablet with and introductory price of Rs. 9999. Pronounced as a A Pad, this mobile internet device (MID) runs Android 1.7 operating system. Its name, @Pad or APad, rhyming with iPad is just a coincidence. A Pad comes with 128 MB RAM and is powered by 400 MHz VIA VM8505.

Top 5 specs of @Pad :

  1. 7-inch TFT Full touch display : This has become the right size for the tablets, how much ever Steve Jobs denies it.
  2. Built-in Wi-Fi
  3. 2GB flash memory. Expandable to 32 GB through MicroSD card
  4. Battery backup : 4 to 5 hours.
  5. USB ports available – Can connect external mouse, keyboard or hard drive
  6. Ethernet : From the pictures of the @pad looks like there is a slot for Ethernet. Just in case you feel Wi-Fi isn’t doing the job.


Other notable Specifications :

@Pad support MP3/Audio Format and 3GP Video Format. Videos come with a resolution of 320×240.

Pre-loaded apps :

It comes loaded with other features like stereo speakers, built-in microphone. Pre-loaded apps include G-sensor for Shake, ebook Reader, Genial Writing, Work Excel PowerPoint,(Edit & view),PDF Reader, G-Talk, Google Map, MSN Messenger, SKYPE, Browser: Google Chrome (to browse WEB)

What’s missing?

  1. 3G is missing. Though the device supports 3G through an external connectivity. A mobile Internet device lacking in-Accord@pad-2 built 3G capability would limit the mobility. An extra 2K-3K has to be spent on a 3G device.
  2. Memory, Processor and RAM are low: If we are targeting the device for casual browsing and movie watching then a 2GB memory is really low. Yes, there is lot of stuff on YouTube. And yet there is lots of stuff which is not on YouTube. With the memory being so cheap, 8GB in-built memory looks like a minimum requirement. @Pad falls short in that department. 400 MHz processor and 128 MB RAM could probably passed off for the cost this baby comes with.
  3. Bluetooth : Small but noticeable. This could come in handy to sync up this device another mobile device.

The only real comparable device for @Pad is Binatone Home Surf.  For a cost of Rs. 9999, @Pad is a steal. A perfect fit for browsing, watching movies and reading books.

PS : @Pad shows iTunes and App Store in spite of running Android operating system. This is an introductory offer and the original costs Rs. 16999.

6 Responses to Accord @Pad : 7-Inch Android tablet for Rs. 9999

  1. Sir I am using your Apad 270.

    I want to use internet. how to connect via ethernet method. please guide me.

    Is there anyway to connect usb broadband modem card ?

    then how to use 3G Internet ?

    Please reply me sir


  2. where will i get apad in kolkata????and wats the current price of it………..???please reply……..ll it have ms word installed in it???hw fast is the internet connection…???can i use externam modems to use internet wth it?????????????

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