Apple has just released its new iPad, and is calling it as the new iPad. The device is the most-awaited device of the year, and as expected, it sets itself miles apart from the competition. The new iPad is a stunning device. It  packs in more pixels per inch, and runs as fast or faster than any other tablet out there. Heck it has 1 million more pixels than your HDTV. But there are few things which are still bothering me. Take them as a wish list.


New iPad runs for 10 hours straight just like iPad 2 and will run for 9 hours on a 4G network. To be fair, that’s a very good battery life for a power-hungry activities like gaming and movies.

To me running out of battery is the single most disappointing thing about using an iPad. Sure you can run of battery at some point of time even if it runs for 24 hours. But increasing the battery life would decrease the number of recharges needed and would give me the impression that iPad isn’t a power hog. Also will go easy on my power bill.

A battery life of 12 hours would have been handy. You know to say something like : The new iPad runs for half a day.

No Siri

When Apple announced that the new iPad will be coming with voice dictation, everybody dictation_image thought it as an euphemism for Siri. Well Siri doesn’t need an euphemism and the new iPad doesn’t come with Siri.

The new iPad comes with voice dictation in four languages : English, French, German and Japanese. I don’t think the dictation is an ersatz for Siri, but the new iPad deserves Siri.

Siri would be something which I can’t get on my iPad 2. That would have made me craving for the new iPad. But Apple has other thoughts and I’m not sure why.

Retina display and scaling up


2047 x 1536 pixels resolution and 264 pixels in an inch : That’s Super.

Apps scaling up? I’m not sure about how this really works.

There are over 200,000 apps in the app store and Apple has upgraded its own apps to the retina display. Would other follow suit? And do you have to wait until all your favorite apps are scaled up?

That is something we have to wait and see.

These are the 3 complaints I have about the new iPad. Rest of the iPad is just fantastic. Oh! I’m not happy that there is no India launch yet. But that isn’t something which I was counting on anyway.

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