Netbook for Rs. 7000?

TVC Skyshop, has launched a netbook which costs Rs.7000. That is less than the price of many cheapest Android smartphones. This could probably be the cheapest netbook available in India. TVC is a business to consumer company which sells its products through various TV channels via teleshopping. If you have stayed late at night watching and are seeing commercials for some get slim quickly products, then TVC would be a familiar name. TVC is sourcing this netbook from China (where else) to keep the costs low. If things work out well then we could see a smartphone from TVC.

Custom-made from China, the iBook will have a guarantee of six months and offer all the basic facilities, including access to the Internet. Confident on delivering the best quality, Mr Agarwal said, “Our products are comparable with the best available in India as the components used in most of the electronics products are sourced either from China or Korea.” (The Hindu)

The netbook from Skyshop is called as iBook. It will have the most-used features on a computer and it accesses Internet. Many things are left out for this custom designed iBook to keep the weight less than one kilogram. Other details are not known. At Rs.7000 iBook is competing with two of our home-grown tablets. With the information available would you buy the iBook?

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Netbooks which had their honeymoon in the year 2009 never really took-off. The main reason for that is the emerging new gadget category – Tablets. Tablets which are the hottest category are outpacing every other gadget category. The sales figures are trickling in but 2011 could probably be the year of tablets. With so many launches pending and iPad2 in the offing, tablets will rule. In the wake of this, how will the netbooks compete? They might be targeting two different niches or whatever you call it. At the end they are two gadgets which pose the consumer a choice. How will the consumer choose? What will you choose? Tablet or a netbook?

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