ideaForge, an Indian startup, is bringing up a radical new way of charging your mobile phone. It comes at a cost of Rs. 350 ($8) and doesn’t suck up any electricity. All it needs is a hand job. No that’s not an innuendo. In other words, you just have to crank it or roll it to get the required juice to run your phone for that last mile or many more miles if you can do enough cranking/rolling.


There are two modes in which this charger operates. First mode is the wind-up mode Mechanical-Charger-roll-on where you basically rotate a small pedal to generate enough power. The second mode is a Roll on mode where you use it as a roller on any surface and the charger generates the power on to the connected mobile phone. Probably the most environmental friendly solution ever. Another neat feature –  You can talk over the phone while you are charging it.

Mechanical-Charger-wind-up We have seen Nokia’s bicycle charger and Suntrica’s solar chargers. ideaForge’s charger is one of the brightest and probably the cheapest. You don’t need a bicycle nor a sun to get your phone charged. All you need is just one hand. And you by now know, who the intended audience would be. It would be the power stricken rural areas of India. And probably, power hungry smartphone users of urban India. You know, to cope up with all the 3G speeds, movie streamings and live TV’s.

Via : Technoholik Source : ideaForge

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