• Mi410’s 4.1 inch screen comes like a fresh air, especially for me as I come from a 3.5 inch iPhone 3G S background. Reading, browsing, tweeting and Google Plussing are all just wonderful on Mi410. Though my hands need a little getting used to the extra surface area they have to cover.
  • Mi410 has a slim build as far as the thickness goes. It’s wide and tall and that is only expected from a 4.1 inch screen phone.
  • It’s not plastic : Mi410 has a solid industrial design. There isn’t much of plastic anywhere and yet it doesn’t feel heavy in your hands. The back cover is all metal which gives Mi410 the extra finesse.
  • Sound quality and speakers are good. Calls are audible .
  • Battery seems to be good. Mi410 has a good power management as the idle time for the phone to back to black screen is very less. Thus reducing the drain on the battery.
  • WiFi : I have never seen an extremely vigilant WiFi on a phone. WiFi is one of the most excellent features of Mi410. When it is configured, it immediately connects to the WiFi, if it is not configured and is just out of the box, it shows up the WiFi networks immediately. Something my Dell laptop fails to do sometimes.
  • Apps work just fine. I have tried close to 20 apps already and the experience is very good. Google+, TweetDeck, WhatsApp Pulse, Google Reader and Amazon Kindle are some of the apps I have tried.
  • Multi-purpose charger -  Mi410 comes with a US charger and India converter out of the box. Mi410 has a mini-USB interface which plugs into the charger.
  • The power button is on the opposite side of the volume toggle which can also be used for camera zoom. In landscape mode, if you try to zoom in, your thumb accidentally falls on the power button shutting the phone off. Being ginger with it is always an option, but this is something the design should have taken care of.
  • The Jolt : I have seen this in quite a few Android powered phones. When ever you perform a selection in an application there is slight jolt on the phone, the kind of jolt you experience when the phone is on vibrate. I am yet to figure out how to turn this off. This jolt is a little annoying.
  • The touch screen is responsive for 95% of the time. Some operations need a little extra push like unlocking the screen. Or I might be acting all sophisticated and stuff.
  • This might be a general Android quirk, but when the music player is on and when I start YouTube, both the apps use the speakers. Typically, two apps can’t share the same resource like speakers.

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