1. Running Android 2.3 OS is something to write home about. It’s the obvious thing to do but not many people get the obvious.
  2. A GPU with 200 MHz might and 512 MB RAM might actually make Mi 280 run better than most of its peers.
  3. Connectivity options are all there.
  4. The front-facing camera. Of course. Isn’t that too obvious.
  5. The price of Rs. 5123.

The bad

  • Considering the price of Rs. 5123 a resistive touch screen sounds like the only option but it is a letdown. Resistive touch screens are hard to master, if they ever can be mastered.

The Ugly

  • Battery which provides 2 hours of talk time on a 3G network? What do you want me to do after that? Carry my own power supply? This is the biggest letdown of all.

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