Samsung has released yet another phone in its Galaxy series. The model S5570 called as Samsung Galaxy Pop is an Android phone which costs Rs. 8999. Samsung Galaxy Pop is available on Flipkart and it probably is the best Android phone out there in the market in the price range of 5K-10K. Samsung Galaxy Pop is also called as Samsung Galaxy Mini.


Samsung Galaxy Pop has all the goodies expected of a smartphone. Galaxy Pop runs a samsung-galaxy-pop 600 MHz processor, 160 MB internal memory, expandable memory of 32GB, a 3.14 megapixel camera, 240×320 3.1 inch capacitive touch screen, FM radio, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB and 3G. Galaxy Pop runs Android 2.2. Hard to complain about the specs for the price they are provided.

Galaxy Pop vs Micromax A60 vs Dell XCD 28 vs Acer beTouch110

There are five phones available in the price range of 5K-1oK, including Galaxy Pop. None of them matches Galaxy Pop. Dell XCD 28 through a series of price drops has finally settled on a price of Rs. 7999. A tad below Galaxy Pop, this phone has a resistive touch screen and a 2.8 inch screen and runs Android 2.1. Micromax A60, which is 2K lower than Galaxy Pop has a resistive 2.8-inch touch screen, and has no FM radio. Acer beTouch E110 also has a resistive touch screen. Samsung’s own Galaxy 5 i5503 falls short with a 2.8 inch screen and a 2 mega pixel camera.

If you notice Galaxy Pop is the expensive one of the five phones. It is hard to compare phones on the actual price. A price range is a much better choice. Micromax A60 is clearly 2K lower than Galaxy Pop, but the comfort and the time saved using capacitive touch screen over a period of an year is probably worth more than 2K.

Samsung Galaxy Pop vs LG Optimus One

Irony is Galaxy Pop specs are comparable to LG Optimus One – the value for money phone. LG Optimus One edges out Galaxy Pop with 3.2 inch screen vs Galaxy Pop’s 3.1 inch screen and a better screen resolution of 320×480. And Optimus One costs Rs. 3500 more too. Given that price disparity, Galaxy Pop could as well be a value for money Android phone out there in the market.

Update 1 : Spice Mi 300 could also be a contender for value for money Android phone.

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