Nokia Pureview 808, the 41 Megapixel wonder is headed to India for a price of Rs. 29999. The price is still speculation. But a lot of things point to that price. At that price, it is comfortably placed in the sub-30K category competing with the hottest smartphone in India, Samsung Galaxy Note. Nokia Pureview 808’s price is also comparable to Nokia’s earlier 12 MP phone Nokia N8.

Nokia Pureview 808 is headed to India and Russia before any other country. Nokia_808_PureView_white_Back_400x400

Androsym has spotted a source page where the possible price of Pureview could be Rs. 29999. BGR has posted an update that Nokia has reached out to them and the price might not be Rs. 29999.

Nokia is treading some dangerous terrain in India. It has lost its smartphone crown to Samsung, around the world and more so in India. Now Samsung is slowly creeping into Nokia’s bastion of feature phones and dual-SIM phones.

It wouldn’t really hurt Nokia to price Pureview 808 at Rs. 29999.

What’s the price you would pay for a phone which also has a 41 MP camera?

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