After Samsung, it is now Nokia’s turn to attack iPhone through its ad campaign. While Samsung bluntly compared the specs of iPhone 5 with its own Galaxy S III, Nokia has targeted the dull colors of iPhone. iPhone 5 comes in just two colors, Black and White.

Nokia’s latest video ad starts in a dull grey city and slowly focuses on similar looking people that seem to be entering an Apple store. While they wait in a long queue that moves infinitely slowly to get their hands on the iPhone 5, one man in the queue dares to ask if the iPhone is available in any other color. This provokes an outrage but suddenly disco lights come in the scene and more and more people are seen in different colors carrying their Nokia Lumia. The ad ends with a large yellow colored Lumia with the tagline, ‘This is Lumia’.

The Nokia 920 and Nokia 820, both running on the Windows 8 OS were released early September. The Lumia phones are currently available in red, yellow, gray, white, black, cyan, and purple colors. The dull colors of iPhone 5 have been a talking point among some users, but it has not worked to affect the sale of iPhone 5 in any way.

In a time when people are more concerned with the specs of their Smartphone, I am not sure how successful the ad would be. But another argument may be that many users buy a high-end Smartphone just for showing off and they would surely want more colors to the piece they are holding.

Nokia have a lot at stake with their new Lumia series. The finish phone maker has been in a dilemma for quite a long period now and the Lumia phones are their only hope of rising back in this world of Smartphones.

Considering that the android phones now hold a major part of the Smartphone market and not many people would be willing to try the new Windows 8 phone.

This latest ad by Nokia is being seen as a more subtle attack on iPhone 5 than what Samsung earlier did in its print ad. Various phone makers targeting the iPhone 5 only tells that Apple’s rivals are trying their way hard to hit the sales of iPhone 5 in one or the other way!

Here, Check out the Nokia Ad:

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  1. What you miss a point of view is that – The smartphone penetration is still happening. I agree that Android and iOS have taken a lion's share, but it doesn't mean that consumers won't try for other ecosystems. And you know very well that even Apple had its tough times and Microsoft famously declared that they don't consider Apple as a competitor. Ofcourse the scene is reverse.

    So, you can't comment on the fate of Windows 8 as an ecosystem.

    If you are an unbiased writer – you should stop at dissectioning Nokia's Ad, and not go all the way to say that Windows 8 ecosystem has no competency.

    I am tired of all such posts from your blog.