The Nokia Asha Series, which has received great response from the customers, has two new models added to it. The Asha series mobile phones are budget phones with many impressive features. This is probably the reason that has attracted a large number of customers to give the hopes of revival to a company that seemed to lose a large chunk of its customer base.

The two phones that Nokia launched today are Nokia 305 and Nokia 311, both of which were announced earlier. Launched by the hands Karun Chandok, India’s ace F1 racer, both the phone comes pre-installed with 40 EA games. EA, one of the popular brands in mobile gaming is sure to help increase the sales these phones. The games are of the likes of Need for Speed: The Run, Fifa 12 and many more.

Lets us take a look at the features and specifications of the Asha 305.

Nokia 305

Nokia Asha 305

Priced at Rs. 5029 (on Flipkart it is Rs. 4580), this dual sim phone sports a 3” TFT resistive touchscreen and weighs a meager 98 grams. But the phone is really useless without a microSD card, as the internal memory available to the user is just 10 MB. Now that much memory can’t even hold all your contacts, let alone the hundreds of messaged that today’s youngsters keep stored in their phones. However, with external micro-SD memory slot, the capacity can be extended to 32 GB. The device is backed up by a 64 MB ROM as well. The phone has Bluetooth and USB cable as connectivity options (Yeah, No Wi-Fi!).

A 2 MP camera that can also record videos at 10 fps is your companion when you want to click pictures. The phone is available in Silver White, Red, Mid blue and Dark Grey. The Nokia Asha 305 is powered by a Li-ion 1110 mAh battery which gives it a tremendous stand by time of 528 h.

That ends the specifications of this device. Now time to discuss about a feature that according to us is the best feature in this phone. When you want to change sim cards in your phone, the only procedure that you know is to remove the back cover and the battery and then change/insert the sim card. But in the Asha 305, the sim cards are ‘hot swappable’. That means you don’t have to take the pain of removing the back cover and the battery. You can insert the sim cards from the side of the phone.

If you are going to buy a new phone in this price range, this is the one that should top your priority list. Except the 10 MB internal memory, all the other features are good, including the camera which is just 2 MP but clicks great pictures and the resistive capacitive touch screen.

You can order this phone at flipkart at a best buy price of Rs. 4580 here

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