The emerging technology has brought out the vulnerable side of mobile usage. While it offers the accessibility to your loved ones at all times and enables you to do online banking and shopping, the flip side is that you are also exposed to cyber-crimes.

To safeguard the interests of the mobile phone users, the mobile monitoring applications have been designed. The need for the security of the mobile device has prompted its users to seek the help of mobile monitoring applications.

mobile monitoring

The monitoring application has excellent features that help you monitor the mobile activities of your near and dear ones, and take the necessary steps if anything wrong is found. Installation of the mobile monitoring application protects the users from threats like cyber bullying, child abuse, actions performed by dishonest employees in the office, cheating spouse and so on.

The popularity of the mobile monitoring application can be attributed to the fact that it operates n a discreet manner and tactfully monitors all the target phone activities without leaving any clues or raising suspicion. Some of the advanced features of the newly emerging mobile monitoring applications are:

Works in invisible mode: Most of the monitoring applications available in the market work in the stealth mode. The target phone user does not have any clue about the application being installed in the phone’s memory.

Compatibility with mobile platforms: The mobile monitoring application supports most mobile platforms. Some of the platforms supported by the application include Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile. The best part of the monitoring software is that one can monitor multiple phones through a single user account.

Records calls, text messages, and emails: The application helps to maintain a log of all calls made or received via the target phone. Along with the number, the time and call durations are also recorded. A log is also maintained with respect to all e mails along with the details, even if they are deleted from the phone memory. A full detailed text of the SMS can be viewed by the application software.

Trace the location: The mobile monitoring application can track the current location of the target phone through GPS. This feature is very useful in tracking your lost phone or a missing family member.

Video and Picture logs: With access to the photos and videos on the target phone, you can protect your child from pornography and pedophiles.

Tracks web history: The monitoring application is capable of tracking the websites visited. An internet history log is maintained by the monitoring software to enable the user to monitor the web activities of the target phone through interaction on Face Book, Twitter and chat rooms.

Most of all, the software is very useful in case of theft of the mobile phone. To prevent misuse, you can remotely lock the phone through SMS commands or wipe out the data to ensure that your information is inaccessible by outsiders. The added benefit of the mobile monitoring software is that it automatically takes a backup before wiping out the data and sends the same to your online user account.

[About the Author: Sharon likes to write on emerging Mobile Technology and Applications. She has her own website to share reviews and articles about various Cell Phone Spy softwares]

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