Micromax EG333 is a phone, TV and a modem for your computer. All at the same time. Welcome to the world of Micromax. After launching cheapest Android phone in the country, Micromax has a tied up with Tata Photon+ to bring Micromax EG333.

Micromax EG333 has Tata Photon+ in-built. It’s a GSM phone with 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and a 3-inch full touch screen. It comes with Live TV streaming with 70 channels in various languages. EG333 comes with 1 GB flash memory and 512 MB SDRAM. The memory is expandable to 4 GB. At 3.5 hours Talk time is very low and the standby time is of 5 days.

To me the biggest feature on this phone is not the live TV but the modem. It seems to be a uber useful feature and convergence of various devices. The only downside I see on this is the lock-in with Tata. Or is it? There is no mention of it, but I would prefer if it works with any Internet service provider of my choice. (source)


Yeah, that’s Akshay Kumar trying to skate.

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