Micromax Andro A60 has arrived at our doorstep just before Christmas. And we are providing you a review right after Christmas. Micromax Andro A60 did not disappoint. It has worked wonderfully well in almost all the things we have checked so far. We have made a video for you which is right after the break.

The coolest thing I liked about Android is the customization of home screen with apps, widgets and what not. And yeah, there is this thing called live wallpapers. I am not sure if iPhone has it, but I am at a point where I really don’t care anymore. May be that’s what happens when people get a taste of CupCakes, Eclairs and Gingerbreads. They don’t want to go to Apple no more. Let’s see what Micromax A60 did :

Build Quality

Build quality of Micromax Andro A60 is decent. It might not get the oohs of an iPhone or the aahs of Micromax Bling. A60 has the most practical and usable build quality and shape (more about this below). The phone feels like plastic, but once you start using it, you will get used to it. A60 is an ultra-lightweight phone, or that’s how I felt.

Shape of the phone

A60 has a funny looking distorted oval shape. The funniness is only in the pictures. When you actually hold the phone, it is the most practical shape ever. The shape is a great design to have a decent screen and yet able to hold the phone with an easy grip. Nicely done.

Ports and other outlets

A mini-USB port at the bottom (this is used for computer connectivity and charging), a 3.5 mm jack at the top, volume toggles to the left and the hardware buttons of Talk, Select and End are at the bottom, right below the touch screen. MicroSD card slot is not visible from outside and the back cover has to be opened to find it. SIM Card slot is visible after you flip open the back cover. Overall, a less complicated phone.

OS and apps

Micromax A60 comes with Android 2.1 operating system. There is no modding done by Micromax and what you have is the vanilla version. The phone is not supported for a Froyo (2.2) upgrade. But if there’s a geek in you, may be you can root it and then install Froyo or Gingerbread whatever you fancy. What would you be missing? Some apps will not work and you cannot install your apps on the microSD card. And probably a few more things. For the rest of us, it really doesn’t matter.


The apps run smoothly. There is no misbehaving of the apps. Killing an app is very easy by pressing the home button or the “end phone” key. The screen comes up very fast and goes down very fast when the ‘end phone’ key is pressed. I read using “Kindle for Android”, played with “Paper Toss”, read emails on GMail app, took pictures, shot videos, browsed TGF, listened to my favorite songs, watched some videos and yes, tried to break some stuff. In the midst of all these things, A60 stayed solid. The software and the hardware are solid.

There are few quirks and few nice to haves but, as you can see, I am not complaining. Just letting you know. That’s all. 

Quirk 1 : The resistive touch screen. There’s a learning curve to get used to resistive touch screen and once you are past it, it becomes a breeze.

Quirk 2 : The touch screen typing. I never perfected the art of touch screen typing on capacitive phones. So my typing skills on a resistive phone would be something less than stellar. I struggled my way through to type in small words, to search for an app in the market place and so on. A60 comes with SWYPE on board which has some amazing reviews but I am yet to get on the SWYPE bus.

Quirk 3 : For quite a few operations, there is a little vibrating kick which A60 gives. Not sure if there is a setting to change but this to me is irritating and probably draining the battery. This happens when you are dialing a number. For every number dialed, there’s a jolt.

Nice to have : What’s missing for a decent phone like A60? FM Radio. Sorry. Couldn’t help it.

Overall, Micromax A60 is a good Android phone. A60 is your window to the world of Android for a measly price of Rs.7000. If it is a gift, grab it with both hands. If you have to buy it, don’t think twice.

Watch our first A60 review video below :

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    • Sajesh,

      You are right, but we wanted to talk about the performance on apps and club it with that…the videos will be coming up shortly..


  1. I am using micromax android and its one of the most bogus phones I have ever used. It has got serious issues with its software and SIM compatibility. The contact list automatically gets deleted, the SD card automatically gets disconnected. Rubbish phone

  2. I have purchased a micromax A60 on 8.1.2o11 and camera stopped working after a week and low battery back up and getting hot. After the service the same problem started and again given it for service on 21.2.2011 at srinivisa mobile care centre, bangalore. The pcb has to be changed and still I have not received the phone. Worst service worst company

  3. i m seriously happy with my a60.and by seeing the comments i feel i m lucky person.till now i have no problem since 6 months with the continuous use also.and i will be playing games in it all the time.

  4. saptarshi,
    sorry u cant upgrade ur android firmware in this phone…
    hey, i just wanted to ask u that does the phone come with the micro SD card
    or do u have to buy it seperately?