• 4” Nova display is awesome…If you crank up the brightness to maximum, it is so bright that probably your eyes hurt (in a good way). I can confidently say it is brighter than AMOLED – I used it in SUN (the little that I could get due to cloudy monsoon days) and the screen remained perfectly clear. A welcome change from my Samsung Galaxy Spica, which really made me difficult to use it is proper sunlight !
  • Not only is the Nova Display bright and vivid, LG claims it saves 50% battery as compared to AMOLED.
  • 2 megapixel front camera (only SGS II has it) in addition to 5 megapixel back. It also has HD recording (720p). Although, I have not tried it as yet, looks good from whatever I have seen it as yet
  • Direct Wireless transfer – LG Optimus Black is the only phone that has it. It is very similar to Bluetooth transfer, only that it is much faster. This is an awesome feature when you want to transfer heavy files and it supports any wi-fi device !
  • It is unbelievably light – All of 112 grams I think, It is one of the lightest Smartphones for its screen size
  • Very comfortable form factor – Although, it has a large 4” screen, much thinner – Infact, I guess it is the thinnest phone of the lot around 6 mm thick.
  • Full Front Gorilla Glass from top to bottom with no buttons. The front of this phone is probably the best I have seen!
  • Gesture strokes…this sure does have bragging rights attached to it!
  • Mpeg, DIV, Mp4 Video format play …throw any video file at it and it should probably play
  • The biggest reason I got this phone was the relatively low cost. I tried searching online and the cost is roughly 20,000 including Flipkart. But I was lucky to get it at Rs. 18,800/- at a local store!

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