IPhone 5, the much awaited smartphone from Apple has not yet been announced officially by the company. But, the handset has remained as the hottest gossip of the tech world.

With lots of things about iPhone 5 getting leaked that include – battery, antenna connections, LTE support, Motherboard, etc, a latest rumor came from UBreakiFix (a repair and service shop of Apple) that it has leaked the front panel of iPhone 5 to its distributors (Image source via BGR).


According to the rumor, the basic design of iPhone 5 will be similar to the present model i.e iPhone 4S. This device is expected to be slimmer than iPhone 4S. The fans of the iPhone are expecting the device to be more lighter with a large screen and long battery life.

The new screen is said to have increased to 4 inches in diagonal and preserving the current pixel density. This feature may provide the apps with some additional screen space to fill.

There is also an expectation that iPhone 5 may incorporate 4G LTE, NFC, a mini-dock connector and a front-facing camera, a large battery, 7.6 mm thin cases and 4 inch large display of 640 X 1136 resolution.

In the past several months, there has been heaps of rumors about Apple’s next generation handset with a prediction for the device to be all-time high. As the release date is coming nearer, several images of the device are getting leaked. We can see many parts of iPhone 5 like – front panel, main frame, some of the internal parts, headphone jack, home button, small dock connectors etc.

According to the images leaked by UbreakFix, iPhone 5 will have the front panel almost same as iPhone 4S and the front facing camera will be relocated to the center. As per the leaked image, there is no screen behind the glass and hence, one could not find how it looks when turned. But, one thing that could be seen is the screen which will be taller than iPhone 4S. The leaked images also shows some holes in some parts of the phone, particularly the parts like – earpiece, camera and light sensor.

According to the current rumors, the screen will be easier to read in sunlight as iPhone 5 is designed using “in-cell touch” technology. This technology also makes the screen thinner than other screens. This may be the slimmest Smartphone in market and is1. 7 mm thinner than iPhone 4.

If we gather all the rumors about iPhone 5, we will surely see a revision of the iPhone in 2012. The name of the new iPhone could follow the new iPad and end up being called the iPhone. Apple has been testing 2 different versions of the next iPhone, which are iPhone 5.1 and iPhone 5.2.

It is thought that the new iPhone will be launched on 12th September by Apple and the pre-orders will go for this handset on the day of launch itself. It is expected that it will take 7-9 days to release after the announcement for those in the US with a few more weeks delay for residents of Europe and UK.

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